What did i do?
This assignment was part of my Asian Cybercultures ‘Play’ assignment. I chose to set up a blog, which carries my views on Asian digital media consumption patterns and articles written by journalists that talk about digital media from an Asian perspective. I also added the “Search” and “Comment” feature in my blog to allow readers to navigate my site with easy, read the feedback from other viewers and find relevant content. The meta-tags of the blog were  well-defined and uploaded onto Google, Yahoo and Bing Search engines so that the site could go public. Relevant articles were sourced and published on a daily basis to maintain the richness of this site. At the bottom of every article, readers will be able to get the link of where the source was originally taken from. To keep up with copyright laws, I also sent a notification to every site I took information from and clearly indicated on my site that the information was taken from somewhere else. Lastly, to ensure quality execution, I paid particular attention to the layout of the site. The design of the site aims to give readers a misty, historical feel. A feeling that tells them this site has answers to the past, present and future of Asian digital media cultures. The font was selected with the intention of making content easy to read and comprehend.

Why did I do it?
To be honest, I had a couple of ideas such as making scrap book illustrating Asian Cybercultures in print or a video depicting my skills in video direction and editing. But I wanted to challenge myself with something as common as a blog. I believe that many people must have submitted a blog or at least think about submitting a blog as their assignment. This makes it challenging. I wanted to stretch my capabilities and test myself on how different I can be from others.

Despite, this starting as an assignment, I intend to develop this blog further. I want this blog to become a platform for all Asian/World Cybercultures analysts to retrieve relevant information. I hope this blog becomes the voice of Asian Digital Cultures. If I had done an essay, a video or a scrapbook, I would not be able to develop the project further. A blog allows me to continue uploading information and insights on the topic without putting the project to an end.

In addition, as the assignment suggests, a blog allows me to “play” with the way I want to plan, create, develop and execute my project. Without much restriction, I am able to play around and discover the potential of the interactivity of my blog. Moreover, the blog allows me to publish my piece of work for the world to see and comment upon. It is a platform that keeps my work published as long as I want it to be displayed, without physically damaging the project.

Lastly and most importantly, I wanted get comments on my “big idea” from as many people as possible. The blog encourages viewers to provide feedback and their personal opinions against mine – the key to digital communication. I want to learn as much as I can from others. Having a blog gives me the privilege of interacting with other Internet Users worldwide. My learning doesn’t stop when I submit my project. It is open for everybody to comment and share their views over my assignment.

What did I learn along the way?

I learnt that the Internet is a never-ending ocean of knowledge. It is rich with so much of relevant content that it makes it impossible for any reader to read everything on the Internet even if he takes a lifetime. Furthermore, it made me realise that everything I learnt about Asian Cybercultures in my University is just the key base of an endless topic. The relevance of Asia to internet development and free expression has become increasingly apparent in the past months. This has been demonstrated by a string of attacks on online expression including the Chinese cyber attack on Google, Thailand’s crackdown on online news and commentary, Australian and Korean attempts to impose internet filtering, and continuing censorship by autocratic governments in Burma and Vietnam. I gained a better understanding of the digital media situation in individual Asian countries and the most current steps authorities have taken to control those situations.

I also learnt of the additional features in developing a blog, which I was never aware of. Blog platforms have prospered to such an extent that we can challenge our creativity, further play with the provided themes, add additional pages to a blog, connect it facebook and twitter, and be able to monitor the popularity of our blogs through meters calculating the number of views per day and the key words searched to reach the blog. I learnt it now has very similar features to that of building a personal website, yet it is a free and easy to use medium that requires minimal Internet knowledge.

What could improve the project?
To be honest, there are lots of things that I can and will do to improve this project. I feel that my blog needs more visual communications. This can be done by including captivating pictures that are edited and published with an elegant expression that matches the site layout. This way the blog would not only be rich in content but also appealing to the eye.

The blog is also one of the millions of wordpress blogs. It has minimal Search Engine Optimization capabilities that does not give my site its maximum value. I could buy a domain and upload my content on my private site. This would allow me to make better use of the search tools on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I also feel that Internet is currently one of the fastest developing inventions in the world. There is so much one can do with the Internet. I believe that I could enable more interaction on my website rather than only having the RSS feed, email subscription, feedback/comment option and following me on facebook and twitter. I could develop simple games, surveys or polls are encourage readers to interact with me and learn in a “fun” way.

I hope to do all of the above in the future once.

This page was posted to assist my Tutor on marking my assignment. It would give her a better understanding on my take for a blog project. This page would also more provide information to those who are interested to know about WHY I had chosen to develop this blog. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or subscribe to this blog to remain updated.

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