About The Blog

A blog that started as a University project but became my digital home of thoughts.

Asian Digital Cultures’ Blog Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of Digital media and its effects on Asian countries, with relation to its political ideology, cultural practices, societal sensitivities and economic challenges.
  • To inform the public of what people from Asian countries think and feel when it comes to digital media.
  • To make this blog the sole platform for people to update themselves with news on digital media and its relation to Asian Countries.

How does this blog work?

This blog is updated with news from all over the world that is directly/indirectly related to digital media from an Asian Perspective. It also contains personal opinions from myself and the public. This blog is an unbias site with a balance of political, professional and personal views that is made available to the public.

A little about the Creator and the blog

I am currently a Media student of RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. This blog was part of my Asian Digital Culture project but the idea encouraged me to continue it as a hobby. I started this site with much more thought than just looking at it as an assignment. I want it to be a platform where people can raise their opinion (Or at least I can raise mine) on digital media. I feel that digital media has by far been the most innovative invention that has made life easier as well as tough for the world.

Digital media has changed the way the world communicates and Asian countries that currently are facing numerous issues such as terrorism in Pakistan, Political justice in Indonesia and Malaysia, Corruption in India and Tamil tiger attacks in Sri Lanka, allow the public to use the Internet as a means to voice out their thoughts.

It has on the other hand, also permitted people to bridge copyright laws without easily getting caught or even realising it, invade others privacy, and educate others on how to develop dangerous things such as bombs.

Digital Media as an invention has changed my life completely. I, as an Asian, feel that there are many aspects of digital media that other parts of the world can not see. This is why I decided to start this blog.

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