Internet Blackspots

Some interesting information from Bryn Teesdale from Ogilvy on Internet Censorship. Hope you find this useful.


The recent protesting in Egypt brought internet censorship firmly into the limelight. Reports from the country of internet access problems quickly circulated, suggesting that the government had a hand in the widespread take-down of social media sites and even a complete internet shut-down in many parts of the country.

However, its not just Egypt and their Middle-Eastern neighbours that have to deal with internet censorship. According to a recent report, many areas including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Scandinavia and South America lack the internet freedom enjoyed by parts of Africa and Central America.

The report, undertaken by the OpenNet Initiative, should not be taken at face value, given that some of the ‘censorship’ in the Westernised countries prevents the illegal transfer of copyrighted material – but the findings still present an interesting comparison of global internet censorship.

The report may also surprise many inhabitants of countries like the US, where internet censorship is thought to be low.

The full graphic is below and more details can be found at Mashable here:

Source taken from: Click Here

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