India: Now, chat with Aamir on Facebook

Aamir KhanBollywood star Aamir Khan says he will soon post his first message on microblogging site Twitter but before that he plans to do a live chat on Facebook to keep the impostors at bay.

“I’ve been using Facebook a lot… the problem is anyone can be an impostor on the Internet. So I am thinking of a live chat on Facebook so that people will at least know it’s me and not some impostor,” said Aamir.

And the reason for the actor’s concern is genuine. “I have close to 300,000 friends on Facebook… I stay in touch with my friends and fans there and both of us know each other,” he said.

Looking dapper in a jet black Chinese collar suit, the 45-year-old was in the capital on Wednesday, in a younger than ever avatar, to launch two new smartphones – Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S. Aamir is the brand ambassador of Samsung.

Asked about joining Twitter, as advised by none other than the Big B, he said: “Since Amitji has asked me to join Twitter, I guess I will soon have to be on the social scene as he has got that kind of voice, I just can’t say no to him. But I don’t know how regular I’ll be on Twitter.

“Amitji showed me the functions of Twitter when we were in London and right now I am just trying to understand it. I’ll send my first tweet soon.”

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Fatimah’s Say: The article above tells us the importance of Facebook for even Celebrities. Aamir Khan is one of the most famous actors in Bollywood these days. He too feels Facebooks makes connecting to his fans much easier. On the other hand, Facebook allows people to open fake profiles of anybody even of those as famous as Aamir. This way Facebook profiles can sometimes decieve people. However, despite the cons, Aamir doesnt think of cutting from Facebook. He is trying to find ways of proving to his friends and fans that his profile is genuine. Facebook may not be perfect, but it is still rocking the world!


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