Vietnam’s first integrated 3G Mobile Social Network and Games Shop launched by Mostyle today


Melbourne, Australia

15th June 2010

Today marks a milestone in global mobile technology firm Mostyle’s history with the launch of its groundbreaking mobile SNS service for Information System Solution’s (ISS) new 3G social network site, ifun.

Created by one of Vietnam’s most exciting digital content distributors, ifun is a new casual gamer oriented 3G social network site for mobile and internet users to connect with others, share their interests and download a range of content and applications to their mobile phone.

Fourteen million subscribers have been quick to connect with 3G network services being offered by most Vietnamese mobile carriers. Mostyle has taken the lead in being the first company to successfully offer gamers and social networkers a fully integrated mobile SNS ‘pay as you go’ content shop which can be accessed both on the internet and across the 3G network.

The result – a seamless and convenient mobile SNS platform upon which Vietnam’s burgeoning gaming and social network community can connect with friends, browse and download games, share photos and blog from either their computer or mobile phone.

Vietnam has witnessed a rapidly changing technology and online communications landscape in recent times, with the emergence and rapid uptake of 3G technology across the country. Mostyle continues pushing the boundaries of mobile technology by customising its market tested mobile SNS platform to deliver a localised service with visual styling to cater to Vietnamese subscribers, as Chairman and Chief of Business Development of ISS, Phan Viet Hoan announced at today’s launch. “The emergence of 3G technologies in Vietnam last year has opened up significant opportunity for digital content providers in this country. We are very excited to leverage Mostyle’s experience and reputation to delivery a truly unique and integrated mobile SNS experience with ifun. We are offering never before seen functionality that will really make an impact and establish a benchmark for future social networking initiatives in this country.”

Mostyle’s entry into the Vietnamese market follows its overwhelming success in the Philippines with the launch of SMART Sandbox mobile SNS solution for the country’s largest telecommunications company (SMART) in May 2009. Sandbox continues to grow from strength to strength off the back of its Integrated Boomerang Gold Award presented in 2009 by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), with over 12,000 photos uploaded by users each month.

Mostyle CEO and founder Alex Young had this to say about today’s ifun launch: “ Mass markets like Vietnam that are on the start of their 3G mobile growth curve present significant opportunities for mobile platforms like ours.  We’re very happy to be working with ISS to localize our Mobile SNS platform to the tastes of the youth market in Vietnam and we are looking forward to delivering the most vibrant Mobile SNS experience available on mobile internet.”

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