The Web is my biggest terrorist

By Princess Fatimah Tariq

Dear Readers,

As my name suggests, I am a Muslim. My religion has unfortunately now become the face of terrorism and I feel that one reason why this is happening is because of the World Wide Web.

With approximately 1.5 billion Muslims, Islam today is the second-largest religion in the world and arguably the fastest growing religion in the world. Being such a dominating religion, there are many Muslim who like me have the priviledge to browse the web for both work and play. A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a website that shocked the life out of me, This website describes my religion as “a big stack of dead bodies”.

I find that the internet has really gone out of hands. People now have the freedom to post and publish whatever they like that could be as sensitive as religion. Such people make the Internet look ruthless and a medium of no respect. It makes the public lose trust upon the content brought to us by the Internet. I also find that the freedom on the Internet makes people not think before they publish their thoughts. They stop thinking about ethics and how others feel with regards to the same topic spoken about.

Moreover, information published on the Internet such as the offending website has a bad impression on those who do not know about Islam. Giving the religion a negative perspective, many people are bound to hate Muslims without getting to actually know one. In this case, the Internet could become as dangerous as a factor encouraging genocide.

You must have heard about the famous, recent Facebook incident involving cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad as a dog and other humiliating figures. Such images posted by anti-muslim groups invoke tensions between people. The Facebook page on Prophet Mohammad become so serious that a number of Muslim countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh had bycott Facebook for a period of time. This incident has also alerted Facebook who has promised to be more active in looking out for such aggrevating pages, posts or comments on its site.

If you are interest to find out more, search for “Facebook” and/or “Pakistan” “Bangladesh” on my search bar on the left-hand corner of the site. This will lead you to some of the recent articles on facebook and the Prophet Mohammad Issue.

I hope people using the Internet realise that if they continue to use the Web for wrong purposes it will lead to governments implementing stricter Internet policies that might limit our usuage of such a remarkable invention. This fear has already risen in the mind of the government of China who is now known to have set some of the most rigid rules on the Internet.


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