Search tops online activity in the Philippines

Jun 10, 2010 15:13

Newsflash of the day: We’re not a Facebook nation yet… but we’re getting there.

In the recently released survey of the Net Index 2010 this week by Nielsen Media, it noted that search was the top online activity of Filipinos, overtaking email and chat. The survey had been commissioned by Yahoo! to look into Filipino Internet usage trends.

According to Jack Madrid, general manager of Yahoo! Philippines, he said: “With a generation of young Filipinos growing up as digital natives, understanding their media habits is critical to understanding the future.”

According to the survey, search went up by 76 percent from 58 percent, with the young to middle-aged (10-39 years) as the predominant users. What’s more interesting was that search was primarily for entertainment-related content (62 percent) followed by videos (52 percent), information/research documents (44 percent) and music/audio clips (31 percent).

Corollary to this, because Filipinos are searching for a lot of online content like music videos, TV shows, and movie trailers, these were becoming popular with the online audience.

Though search was the predominant activity, social media networking was not far behind, with 53 percent stating that they visited sites like Facebook while online. User-generated content took 30 percent, while the least popular were forums with 11 percent and blogging with 7 percent.

Given Filipinos’ relationship with their families and friends, this was cited as the top reason for social networking (66 percent), with sending emails (64 percent) and online chats (63 percent) close behind.

A fourth finding was that mobile Internet was on the rise, thanks to “lucrative subscription” packages. As noted by Manila Times senior reporter Darwin Amojelar, telecoms firms like Smart Communications, Inc. and Globe Telecoms offer SurfUNLIMITED for 50 pesos a day (almost US$1) and Super Surf for 20 pesos a day, respectively.

From virtually zero in 2009 to 5 percent in 2010, 40 percent of users said they planned “to spend more time going online in this way”. Those who were mobile use it for instant messaging (77 percent), email (75 percent) and SMS (59 percent).

The survey, first conducted in 2009, was also done in selected Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

Given that we’re a country of 29.7 million Internet users, it’s interesting to see the notion that the Filipinos are no slouches in terms of online usage as being reinforced.

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