The Importance of Bloggers in Today’s world

By Princess Fatimah Tariq

Being a blogger and having a good volume of subscribers I decided to write a chapter on blogging. The role blogs play as part of the world and as part of an individual’s life.

The voice of a Blogger

How does one know about what is going on around the world? People usually look through the eyes of a journalist to update themselves with current affairs. But journalists are just people like us who are not able to cover everything that is going on in the world. This is where bloggers come in. Blogging allows the minority to be heard. They have started to unpack the views that were kept hidden such as human rights, violence, women rights and the situation they are putting up with in their country.

It allows people to voice out their thoughts without any pressure. They get the freedom of expression. However, bloggers that talk about politics and topics regarding the government are still quite hesitant with what they say as they do not want to get into any sort of trouble.

Blogs allows voices to be heard globally. For instance, there have been majors protests against the police in Egypt. The Egyptians were tired of fighting for justice and the voices were being ignored. Egypt has a thriving community that is now voicing out vigorously on the internet. Now we hear them. The world is taking action.

Other issues like women rights in the middle east are generally not covered by the press, especially in the west. Blogs do them.

There is one downside, that is language. Although English is now a universal language, there are many people who do not know how to read and write english. This makes it hard for them to write in a language that people from other countries can read and it ends up with Chinese blogs being read by people from China only. Another issue is that most bloggers belong to Generation X and thus we hear less from the older generation.

These issues will take time to solve. But nevertheless, start blogging guys!


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