More websites accessible in China

Pornography websites and other pages that were previously blocked by China’s internet censors have become accessible inside the country, although reasons for the change are unclear.

Beijing encourages internet use for business and education but tries to block material deemed subversive or pornographic and operates an extensive system of monitoring and censorship.

(UKPA) – Jun 3, 2010

The government has launched repeated crackdowns against online pornography, calling it unhealthy and harmful.

But many Chinese-language porn sites and some foreign language sites have become accessible and reports said they were apparently unblocked earlier this week. Other previously blocked sites available included video-sharing site Vimeo.

It is not known if there has been a change in policy or if it was a technical issue on the part of government censors.

China’s population of internet users numbers more than 400 million, by far the world’s largest.

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